Our Board

OASPA Board Members are appointed via an annual election process and serve for a term of 3 years. OASPA’s Articles of Association state that at least half of the number of board members must consist of representatives of members who obtain at least fifty per cent (50%) of their income from activities related to the publication of fully Open Access journals and fully Open Access books. Further details regarding the appointment of OASPA Board Members can be found here.

Board Members meet regularly both online and in person to discuss and direct the activities of OASPA to ensure our mission and purpose is fulfilled. As well as meetings, Board Members take an active role in the running of the association, which includes their participation in or assistance with events, committees and working groups.

The following individuals are recognised as members of the OASPA board:

Conflict of Interest statements from Board Members can be found here.

Become a Member

  • Learn about new open scholarship developments
  • Strengthen your organisation
  • Contribute to OASPA’s direction
  • Advocate for open scholarship