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Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London
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Journal18 was founded and is co-owned by Noémie Étienne, Meredith Martin, and Hannah Williams (co-editors-in-chief).
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C/O Professor Meredith Martin
Department of Art History, New York University
303 Silver Center
100 Washington Square E
New York, NY 10003
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Copyright and Licensing Policy
Journal18 is published under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC International 4.0 license. Use of any content published in Journal18 must be for non-commercial purposes and appropriate credit must be given to the author of the content. Details for appropriate citation appear at the end of each article and note.
Complaint Contact Link
Complaint Policy
We welcome any opportunity to improve the journal so we aim to respond quickly and constructively to any complaints. By complaints we do not mean a disagreement with content published, but rather the suggestion of a problem with journal processes or policies. Upon receipt of a complaint to the above address, we will acknowledge receipt within one week and provide a full response within one month. Complaints would be addressed and responses written by all three co-editors-in-chief.
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Publication Charge Policy
Journal18 does not have any publication charges or subscription fees. Authors are however responsible for securing copyright permissions for all visual material included in their articles and paying for any costs that those copyright permissions entail.
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Peer Review Policy
To preserve rigorous academic standards and to ensure the highest quality content, all articles published in Journal18 are subject to a double-blind peer-review process. As such, all manuscripts submitted for consideration must have the author’s name and all other identifying elements removed from the text. Manuscripts are initially reviewed by the editorial committee to assess their academic quality and suitability for the issue. Manuscripts that successfully meet the criteria of this first stage are then submitted for peer-review to be assessed by two specialist readers. Peer-review reports are considered by the editorial committee who discuss the reviewers’ comments and recommendations before passing reports on to the author. Final decisions regarding the publication of articles are made by the editorial committee and will be communicated to authors in writing.

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