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Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians

Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians
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Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians
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Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians
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44/1, Gnanartha Pradeepa Mawatha (Maradana Road)
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Copyright and Licensing Policy
Copyright on any research article in the Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health is retained by the author(s). The authors grant the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians a licence to publish the article and to identify itself as the original publisher.

From January 1, 2016, articles in the Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health are Open Access articles published under the Creative Commons CC-BY Licence ( This licence permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
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Complaint Policy
Appeals: Authors may appeal against an unfavourable decision made by the Editorial Board. The appeal must reach the Joint Editors within two weeks from the date of the communication from the journal conveying a decision which is perceived to be unfavourable by the author or authors. In the appeal, any mitigating circumstances should be clearly and completely described. It is in the interests of the author or the authors to provide all details relevant to the article and the study on which the article was written.

The appeal will be considered by the Editorial Board and they may request further information as and when necessary. A considered decision will be made taking into account all the relevant details. Once such a decision is made, it will stand as the final one and no further correspondence or a second appeal would be entertained.
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Publication Charge Policy
No fees are charged from the authors as submission fees, review process fees or publication fees. Charges will only be made for the reproduction of colour illustrations in the print version of the journal. The charge will depend on the number of figures and the number of colours. The maximum charge will not exceed 50 US$.
OASPA Compliant OA Journals
OA Articles (approx. number in 12 months)
Approximately 80
OASPA Compliant OA Books
Peer Review Process Link and PLEASE HIGHLIGHT EACH URL AND RIGHT CLICK. Thank you.
Peer Review Policy
Peer Review Process:
The articles submitted are assessed initially by the Joint Editors and a primary decision made regarding further processing. Once such a decision is made, the article would be reviewed anonymously by two reviewers. When deemed necessary, the article would be sent to a Specialist Reviewer. When there is no agreement among the reviewers, the manuscript would be sent to a third reviewer. The final decision regarding acceptance rests with the Editorial Board and the two Joint Editors. For a complete description of the processes involved, please refer to the Journal Policies on Publication Ethics and Malpractices under the Research Integrity Section.

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