OASPA 2020 Conference Program

OASPA 2020 Online Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing

Open Access at a Time of Global Challenge             


21 – 24 September 2020

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Speaker Biographies


Tuesday 22 September

2.30 – 3 pm

Welcome  Recording

  • Claire Redhead, Executive Director, OASPA
  • Jennifer Gibson, Head of Open Research Communication, eLife, UK / Chair of the OASPA 2020 Program Committee

3- 4.30 pm

Extended opening panel discussion and Q&A   Recording

Global collaboration, equity and openness: How has the world changed; what is the future?

  • Juliette Mutheu-Asego, Head of Communications & PR African Academy of Sciences (AAS), Kenya
  • Erin O’Shea, President of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA
  • Cesar Victora, Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology, Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil

Chair: Catriona MacCallum, Director of Open Science, Hindawi, UK


5 -6.30 pm

Panel 1 | Funding and business mechanisms for equitable open access Recording

  • Communal paths to equitable open access: a discipline-driven subscribe-to-open model Slides
    Vivian Berghahn, Managing Director, Berghahn Books, USA 
  • Leveling the playing field: reimagining community investment in open scholarship Slides
    Sharla Lair, Strategist, Content & Scholarly Communication Initiatives, LYRASIS, USA  Slides
  • ‘Scaling small’: new forms of collectivity for resilient open access Slides
    Samuel A. Moore,
    Research Fellow, Centre for Postdigital Cultures, Coventry University, UK 
  • The Democratizing Value of Open Access  Slides
    Alexia Hudson-Ward,
    Azariah Smith Root Director of Libraries, Oberlin College and Conservatory/ Incoming Associate Director of Research and Learning – MIT Libraries, USA (starting Oct 2020)

Chair: Charles Watkinson,  University of Michigan, USA


7 – 8 pm

Keynote 1  Recording

  • Integrating Discovery and Access for Scholarly Articles  
    Anurag Acharya, Co-founder of Google Scholar, USA

    Introduced by Abel Packer, Co-Founder and Directo, SciELO, Brazil



Wednesday 23 September

11.30 am – 1 pm

Panel 2 | Small and scholar-led : What lessons can they teach us? Recording

  • Mid-to Long Term Strategy of J-STAGE: with 1700 Japanese learned societies Slides
    Ritsuko Nakajima,
    Director of Department for Information Infrastructure, Japan Science and Technology Agency, Japan
  • Open Access Publishing Initiatives at Universidade de São Paulo: a learning process for all Slides
    Elisabeth Adriana Dudziak, Agency USP for Scholarly Communication – AGUIA – Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Brazil
  • Small and scholar-led in Europe: an industrial district Slides
    Pierre Mounier, OPERAS Coordinator, France
  • Salmina Mokgehle, Associate Editor Mentee at the South African Journal of Science in the Field of Agriculture and Forestry, South Africa Slides

Chair: Salmina Mokgehle, Associate Editor Mentee at the South African Journal of Science in the Field of Agriculture and Forestry, South Africa


1.30 – 2.30 pm

Poster Lightning Talks Session 1   Recording

Chair: Jennifer Gibson, Head of Open Research Communication, eLife, UK


3 – 4.30 pm

Panel 3 | Open infrastructure: What forms of community-owned and open-source systems are important and why?  Recording

  • Supporting the Future of Open Scholarship Slides
    Kaitlin Thaney Executive Director, Invest in Open Infrastructure, USA
  • The ‘Berlin Wall’ of prestige in academic and research ecosystem Slides
    Dasapta Erwin Irawan RINarxiv, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
  • Open Mantra for Open Science Slides
    Devika Madalli Professor and Head, Documentation Research and Training Center (DRTC Indian Statistical Institute, India
  • Reflections about Open Infrastructure for Scholarly Communications in Latin America Slides
    Arley Soto, Innovation Manager, Biteca SAS, Colombia

Chair: Juan Pablo Alperin, Director, Scholcommlab / Associate Director, Public Knowledge Project, Canada


5 – 6.30 pm

Panel 4 | The future of open research communication: Where are we headed and how could we prepare?  Recording

  • Preprints: paving the way towards Open Science  Slides
    Alex Mendonça,
    Preprints and Online Submission Coordinator, SciELO, Brazil
  • Texts as data: Towards a FAIRer, open landscape in the humanities Slides
    Elena Giglia, Head of the Open Access Office – University of Turin, Italy 
  • We have seen the future of publishing and it’s not what counts Slides
    Kristen Ratan, Founder – Stratos (Strategies for Open Science), USA

Chair: Xenia van Edig, Open-access Publication Platform Manager, TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology, Germany



Thursday 24 September

10.30 – 11.30 am

Keynote 2  Recording

  • Evolution of Basic Research and Assessment Metrics in China  Slides
    Professor Wei Yang, Professor and Chairman of the Development Council of Zhejiang University, China

    Introduced by Shuai Yan, Independent Consultant, China


12 – 1.30 pm

Panel 5 | Researchers, open science and open access behaviours – what changed in 2020?  Recording

  • Behavioural changes in the research landscape: a perspective Slides
    Thirumalachari Ramasami,
    Former Indian Science and Technology Secretary and Nayudamma-Abdul Wahid Chair Professor, Anna University, India
  • Research on research: work in progress Slides
    Stephen Pinfield, Professor of Information Services Management, University of Sheffield, UK
  • In a Time of Global Challenge, Open Access Policy in CMAPH Slides
    Yang Pan, Director of Marketing & Public Relations Department, CMAPH (Chinese Medical Association’s Publishing House), China
  • Hélène Draux, Research Data Scientist, Digital Science, UK  Slides

Chair: Catriona MacCallum, Director of Open Science, Hindawi, UK


2 – 3.30 pm

Panel 6 | Pricing and cost transparency: Is it time to unbundle the “end to end” publication process?  Recording

  • Throwing off the shackles of legacy pricing (and publishing) in scholarly communications Slides
    Kathleen Shearer, Executive Director, COAR (Confederation of Open Access Repositories), Canada
  • The Plan S Price Transparency Frameworks Slides
    Johan Rooryck, Executive Director, cOAlition S and Professor of French Linguistics, Leiden University, The Netherlands

  • Transparency, or, the Truth about (HSS) Publishing Slides
    Stephanie Paalvast, Head of Open Research, Brill, The Netherlands

  • Opening up the books: the value of transparency at Open Book Publishers Slides
    Lucy Barnes, Editor and Outreach Coordinator, Open Book Publishers, UK

Chair: Emma Wilson, Director of Publishing, Royal Society of Chemistry, UK 


4 – 5 pm

Poster Lightning Talks Session 2   Recording

Chair: Jennifer Gibson, Head of Open Research Communication, eLife, UK

5 – 5.30 pm

Closing Remarks  Recording

Jennifer Gibson, eLife, UK / Chair of the OASPA 2020 Program Committee


Please review the  OASPA 2020 Participation Agreement. We ask all participants to agree to participate according to these principles.




2020 OASPA Conference Committee

Jennifer Gibson (eLife) – Chair
Xenia van Edig (Technische Informationsbibliothek, TIB)
Catriona MacCallum (Hindawi)
Emma Wilson (Royal Society of Chemistry)
Juan Pablo Alperin (ScholCommLab/Public Knowledge Project)
Abel Packer (SciELO)
Shuai Yan  (Independent Consultant, China)
Charles Watkinson (University of Michigan)

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