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ACS is a nonprofit scholarly publisher.
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Copyright and Licensing Policy
Every Author who publishes their research with ACS Publications is required to complete and sign a Journal Publishing Agreement; this is an agreement between an author and the ACS. The agreement gives authors a number of rights regarding the use of their article (subject to certain conditions). It also outlines the transfer of copyright of the article. The copyright can be held either by the author or by the ACS depending on a number of certain factors. If the author wants to publish Open Access they always retain copyright.
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Complaint Policy
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Publication Charge Policy
Article Publishing Charges (APCs) for ACS AuthorChoice program enables authors to publish open access There are institutional and membership discounts as well as flexible cc version available. Authors can also chose as 12-month embargoed open access for a reduced cost. ACS Read + Publish Agreements enable authors to publish open access without directly paying APCs, while retaining full access to subscribed content. There is a discount and waiver policy in place for developing countries.
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Peer Review Process Link
Peer Review Policy
It depends slightly on the journal. Here is the example for Central Science:REVIEW PROCESS SUMMARYEditors evaluate all submissions, and they consult with Editorial Advisory Board members in some cases. Some submissions are rejected shortly after submission, for example, those that fall outside the scope of the journal or are not deemed of sufficient interest to the broad readership. For manuscripts considered further, additional peer reviewers and the Editorial Advisory Board members are consulted to evaluate the originality, quality, clarity, and import. Editors review all feedback and make final decisions. Reviewers may be asked to consider subsequent versions of manuscripts, particularly where new data or information is included, and in those cases, blind copies of reviewers comments may be sent to all reviewers to encourage a consensus recommendation, and allow Editors to respond to authors with valuable and timely feedback.
We do run different Open Science initiatives who are listed and described here

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