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Bloomsbury Publishing Plc is a publicly listed company on the London Stock Exchange.
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50 Bedford Square, London, WC1B 3DP, UK
Other Office Locations
We also have offices in New York, Sydney, and New Delhi:
Copyright and Licensing Link
Copyright and Licensing Policy
Authors retain copyright, and we take only non-exclusive rights to publish OA books. OA books may be published under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, CC BY-ND 4.0, or CC BY 4.0.
Complaint Contact Link
Complaint Policy
We actively seek feedback, for example through our quarterly author satisfaction survey. Where we do receive critical feedback – whether via the survey, or directly to our staff – it is escalated and shared with any other relevant departments. We will then consider whether any action is required to address the specific complaint and any wider issues it may raise, and act accordingly. We also ensure anyone who does make a complaint receives a personal response.
Publication Charge Link
Publication Charge Policy
In return for commissioning, editorial, production, marketing, distribution and hosting services, and for open access publication of a book under a Creative Commons licence, we levy a Book Processing Charge (BPC). This varies according to word count and book type, and whether the book is made OA on our platform immediately on publication, or after an embargo period,
OASPA Compliant OA Journals
OA Articles (approx. number in 12 months)
OASPA Compliant OA Books
Peer Review Process Link
Peer Review Policy
All book proposals (along with any sample chapters, if available) are sent for external review to a minimum of two peer reviewers who are experts in the field. External review reports and in-house feedback are sent to the author, who may be asked to make changes in light of the comments received.
The full manuscript, when delivered, is also usually sent for external peer review. (Books appearing in series will usually be sent to the academic series editor for review.) The external review report and any other feedback is sent to the author, who may be asked to make revisions before submitting their final manuscript.
At both stages of review, the reviewers are made aware of the author’s name and affiliation, but the names of the reviewers are not shared with the author. The peer review process, and the standards a work must meet in order to be accepted for publication, are the same regardless of whether or not a book is ultimately published open access.

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