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Cambridge University Press is the publishing business of the University of Cambridge.
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Copyright and Licensing Link
Journals, from T&Cs: The Journal’s policy is to acquire copyright in all articles. There are two reasons for this:
(a) ownership of copyright by one central organisation tends to ensure maximum international protection against unauthorised use; (b) it also ensures that requests by third parties to reprint or reproduce an article, or part of it, are handled efficiently and in accordance with a general policy that is sensitive both to any relevant changes in international copyright legislation and to the general desirability of encouraging the dissemination of knowledge.

Two ‘moral rights’ were conferred on authors by the UK Copyright Act in 1988. In the UK an author’s ‘right of paternity’, the right to be properly credited whenever the work is published (or performed or broadcast), requires that this right is asserted in writing.
Copyright and Licensing Policy
From OA T&Cs: In consideration of payment of the Open Access fee specified by Cambridge University Press, the contribution will be published in the Journal within an Open Access environment, freely accessible to those who wish to browse, read, print, save, copy, display or further disseminate the contribution including the posting of the contribution on a free website or in an institutional repository, or to alter, transform or build up the contribution to create a derivative work, provided all such uses include an attribution of the contribution to its author with full details of its title and place of original publication including copyright line, and a link to the URL of Cambridge University Press’s website for the journal of original publication.

Cambridge University Press will license such uses under the following Creative Commons licence: Attribution currently available at . If you choose an alternative Creative Commons licence, your article will be published under those terms:
Complaint Contact Link
Complaint Policy
Complaints are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Authors usually contact the editorial office; readers or users contact either the editorial office or customer services or use the web page here to select an appropriate route:
Publication Charge Link
Publication Charge Policy
From page link above: Gold Open Access

Content is made freely available by the publisher
This is achieved by making the published Version of Record freely available on the publisher’s online platform. It is furthermore increasingly required that to qualify as Open Access, the article should be published under a license that allows others to reuse or republish the content without the explicit permission of the copyright holder. There is much contention amongst OA advocates over the specific license that should be used. Note that the phrase ‘Gold OA’ is not associated with any explicit financial model, and does not imply the ‘pay to publish’ model, as is sometimes assumed. Indeed, many Gold OA journals charge no fees, though it is notable that the larger Gold OA journals, and almost all of those published by larger professional , typically do impose an Article Processing Charge (APC) on the author’s institution or funding body. Cambridge currently charges £1695 / $2700 for OA in hybrid journals and fees ranging between no charge and £600 / $900 in the full OA journals.
OASPA Compliant OA Journals
Currently 5 wholly OA, 178 hybrid
OA Articles (approx. number in 12 months)
420 (84 in the five wholly OA journals; 336 in hybrid journals)
OASPA Compliant OA Books
Peer Review Process Link
Peer Review Policy
Peer review is carried out by all of our journals. The majority use single-blinded peer review, some double-blinded. Numbers of reviewers differ across journals; likewise, whether editorial board members are used as reviewers or not. The policy on peer review is partly covered in our general information page on ethical procedures:
Wholly OA journals and hybrid journals.

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