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GigaScience Press
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Professional Publisher (Small)
GigaScience Press
BGI – Hong Kong Tech Co. Limited
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GigaScience Press BGI- Hong Kong Tech Co. Limited Room A, 26/F, Kings Wing Plaza 2, 1 On Kwan Street Sha Tin, N.T. Hong Kong
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Copyright and Licensing Link
Copyright and Licensing Policy
uses the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 (CC BY 4.0) license as standard, which formalizes these and other terms and conditions of publishing articles.
Complaint Contact Link End of Misconduct text.
Complaint Policy
Same link as above for policy description.
Publication Charge Link
Publication Charge Policy
APCs are affordable and transparent. Editorial costs are set at a 10% margin over our production costs APCs for 2022 are $350 USD. Discounts and waivers are provided to prevent barriers to publication for those without funding.
OASPA Compliant OA Journals
2 Journals.
OA Articles (approx. number in 12 months)
135 OA articles
OASPA Compliant OA Books
Peer Review Process Link
Peer Review Policy
Independent researchers in the relevant research area assess submitted manuscripts for originality and validity to help editors determine whether the manuscript should be published in the journal. We use open peer-review system, where the reviewers’ names are included on the peer-review reports, and the reports are published with the article as part of it’s pre-publication history. All reviewers are made aware of the policy and required to agree to it prior to review.
We have additional textual content relating to our our articles, such as open peer-reviews, documentation, author and editor correspondence, and blog articles covering our work. These are openly available and published under a CC BY 4.0 License. The Press also runs a database to publish and make freely available, under a Creative Commons CC0 license, all data, software, source code, workflows etc associated with the published article.

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