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Iraqi Journal of Physics

Iraqi Journal of Physics
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University of Baghdad – College of Science
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University of Baghdad Campus, College of Science, Department of Physics, Al-Jadirya- Baghdad-Iraq
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Copyright and Licensing Policy
Iraqi Journal of Physics is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which allows users to copy, to create extracts, abstracts, and new works from the Article, to alter and revise the Article, and to make commercial use of the Article (including reuse and/or resale of the Article by commercial entities), provided the user gives appropriate credit (with a link to the formal publication through the relevant DOI), provides a link to the license, indicates if changes were made and the licensor is not represented as endorsing the use made of the work. The authors hold the copyright for their published work on Iraqi Journal of Physics website, while Iraqi Journal of Physics responsible for appreciate citation for their work, which is released under CC-BY-4.0 enabling the unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction of an article in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited.
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Complaint Policy
The complaints management: 1. The complainant selects “contact us” from the journal site, and selects Editor-in-Chief’s email, then writes the complaint. 2. The Editor-in-Chief receives all comments and complaints and acknowledges the receipt of all complaints. 3. The complaint is reviewed with both the Editorial Secretarial and The Editorial Manager to handle complaints, investigate the claims and resolve them quickly. 4. The Editor-in-Chief is encouraged to make recommendations for improving the system, and discuss that with journal editors and staff as well. 5. The Editor-in-Chief sends an explanation and information to the person submitting the complaint. The objective of this policy is to ensure that complaints are dealt with in a fair and effective manner. The Journal complaints management system aims to: 1. Enable us to respond to issues raised by the complainants in a timely and cost-effective manner. 2. Enhance the confidence of authors in our publishing process. 3. Provide quality improvements in our products (where applicable), service, staff, and complaints handling. For any complaints please contact us through the following address:
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Publication Charge Policy
Publishing Fees A. Author(s) residing in Iraq:The Iraqi researchers (inside Iraq) should pay the amount of (85,000 ID) upon receiving the final acceptance for publication fees.The journal will provide the authors with one hard copy of the manuscript. B. Author(s) residing abroad: – Publishing in the Iraqi Journal of Physics is free for foreign authors. Payment method The payment can be made through one of the following methods: – Cash Payment can be made by attending the head office of the Iraqi Journal of Physics site at the Dept. of Physic/ College of Science/ Baghdad University. – Zain Cash is available through the Journal Phone Number: Mobile: +964 7803188567 Please note that there is an additional fee of 2,000 ID when using Zain Cash. For more details, you can contact the Journal secretariat through this mobile no. (+964 7702939103) or (+964 7803188567).After sending your payment, please provide a scanned copy of the payment and inform us via the journal’s email (
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Peer Review Process Link
Peer Review Policy
Iraqi Journal of Physics operates a double-blind peer review policy involving 2 external reviewers. Authors may suggest potential reviewers if they wish: however, the decision to consider these reviewers is at the editor’s discretion. Authors who wish to suggest peer reviewers can do so in the cover letter and should provide institutional email addresses where possible or information which will help the Editor to verify and identify the potential introduced reviewers (for example an ORCID or Scopus ID). Authors may request the exclusion of individuals as peer reviewers, but they should explain the reasons in their cover letter on submission. Authors should not exclude too many individuals as this may hinder the peer review process. Please note that the editor may choose to invite excluded peer reviewers. Intentionally falsifying information, for example , suggesting reviewers with a false name or email address, will result in rejection of the manuscript and may lead to further investigation in line with our misconduct policy.

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