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IWA Publishing Ltd; publishing branch of the International Water Association.
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Republic – Export Building (1st Floor), 2 Clove Crescent, London, E14 2BE, UK
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Copyright and Licensing Policy
Authors retain copyright but licence exclusive rights in their article to the publisher. Authors have the right to: share their article in the same ways permitted to third parties under the relevant user licence (together with personal (scholarly) purposes to create certain derivative works), as long as they give proper attribution and credit to the published work; retain patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights (including raw research data); proper attribution and credit for the published work.
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Complaint Policy
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Publication Charge Policy
Open Access articles are free for anyone to read and download, all over the world. In order to sustain Open Access, IWA Publishing journals are published either under a ‘Subscribe to Open’ model or an author-pay (APC) model. Costs associated with these two OA models cover the cost of editorial assistance, article production, indexing, and marketing. As a not-for-profit society publisher, any surplus generated by our publishing activities are rechannelled towards the charitable missions of the International Water Association; including contributions to sustainable development in a water-wise world.
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Peer Review Policy
All papers submitted to IWA Publishing are fully peer-reviewed by the editorial board of the chosen journal. Editorial boards are comprised of highly qualified researchers selected based on their experience and expertise in a particular subject area. Authors submit their papers to IWA Publishing journals via the Journals Homepage. Papers are then directed to Editors according to subject area. Editors make a preliminary assessment of whether the paper is suitable for the journal. This assessment takes into account the quality of the manuscript and the relevance of the subject matter. If the manuscript does not fulfil these criteria, it is rejected immediately. If it does, the Editor will send the paper out for review to a minimum of two Reviewers. Reviewers review the manuscript and based on these reviews, the Editor decides whether to: (a) Accept the manuscript without further revisions(b) Request further minor or major revisions(c) Reject the paper If further revisions are requested, the authors are asked to complete these before resubmitting their manuscript to the Editor. If necessary, the revised manuscript is sent once again for review by the Reviewers. The Editor then makes a final decision whether to accept or reject the manuscript. IWA Publishing adheres to a ‘single blind’ peer review; author names are revealed to the reviewers however, reviewer identities remain anonymous.
From 2021, 10 of IWA Publishing’s journals are Open Access via a ‘Subscribe to Open’ model; there are no author charges associated with these journals and all content published in the past 5 years is freely available. IWA Publishing also has a number of ‘Read & Publish’ agreements with institutions in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria.

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