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JMIR Publications Inc.

JMIR Publications Inc.
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Privately owned company, primarily owned by founding editor and publisher, Professor Gunther Eysenbach
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Unless stated otherwise, all articles are open-access distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work (e.g. first published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research) is properly cited with original URL and bibliographic citation information.
The complete bibliographic information, a link to the original publication on as well as the copyright and license information must be included.
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4267 (2022), 4227 (2021), 3594 (2020), 2182 (2019), 1716 (2018), 1260 (2017)
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Cofounder of OASPA; Founder of WebCite® ( to archive and preserve cited webreferences or web-accessible preprints free of charge; early adopter of Altmetrics and inventor of the Twimpact Factor® (tweets-based impact metrics, sold to TrendMD), see e.g.; joint project with Wikipedia to peer-review and publish medical Wikipedia articles; creator/curator of the Medicine 2.0® Social Network ( and annual Medicine 2.0® Conferences; Open Peer Review (optional) (
Creator and founder of Plan P, transition to open science and JMIRx Superjournals (JMIRx Med is the first Overlay journal to be indexed in PMC 2022). Founding member of Fully OA group, subgroup from within OASPA (2022). Defined the research field ‘Infodemiology’ in the early 2000’s and started the first official journal within this infodemiology field in 2022. JMIR Infodemiology. More details can be seen here

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