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Journal of the Faculty of Medicine Baghdad

Journal of the Faculty of Medicine Baghdad
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The University of Baghdad was founded in 1957 as the second largest university in the Middle East and the oldest university in Iraq, including the Faculty of Law (1908), the Faculty of Engineering (1921), the High Teachers’ House (later called the Faculty of Education) in (1923) and the Faculty of Medicine (1921). It is the first of its kind from which all highly trained faculty members, technical and administrative staff have emerged and who became the first seed for establishing and the rehabilitation of other Iraqi universities’ staff in addition to those of other government institutions.
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Bab Al Muadam, P.O.Box 61023, Mail Code 12114, Baghdad – Iraq. Contact No.: 41468631
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For all articles published in Journal of the Faculty of Medicine Baghdad, copyright is retained by the authors. Articles are licensed under an open access Creative Commons CC BY NC 4.0 license, meaning that anyone may download and read the paper for free. In addition, the article may be reused and quoted provided that the original published version is cited. These conditions allow for maximum use and exposure of the work, while ensuring that the authors receive proper rights.
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This procedure applies to complaints related to content, procedures, or policies that are the responsibility of the journal or our editorial staff. Complaints may provide an opportunity and a spur for improvement, so we aim to respond quickly, courteously, and constructively. The complaints will be dealt with confidentially. The procedure outlined below aims to be fair to those making complaints and those complained about:Complaints about publication ethics or scientific content In the first instance, this will be handled by the Editor responsible for the journal. The Editor will follow guidelines published by the Committee on Publication Ethics.Complaints about processes Such as the time taken for review, the editor will review and respond to the complainant’s concerns.Please approach the editorial and publishing management team by email timeframesAll complaints will be formally acknowledged within three working days. If possible, a full response will be made within two weeks. Where we consider a complaint to be vexatious or the result of a coordinated campaign, we reserve the right to reply outside of the suggested time frames. On some occasions, we may not respond to all complainants individually.If the complainant remains dissatisfied with handling their complaint, the complainant may complain to an external body.External bodies Suppose a complainant remains unhappy after a reply considered definitive by the editor. In that case, the complainant may complain to an external body, “Committee on Publication Ethics”, when that body has relevant oversight. COPE publishes a code of practice for editors of scientific, technical, and medical journals. It will facilitate the resolution of disputes with member editors, journals, and publishers, but only once a journal’s own complaints procedures have been exhausted.
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The Journal of the Faculty of Medicine- Baghdad is an open-access journal hence, there are no subscription fees.The Journal of the Faculty of Medicine Baghdad is an Open-Access Journal hence, there are no subscription fees.For National Authors, the journal is charged (150,000) IQD equivalent to (100) USD, for a single accepted manuscript.For international Authors, the journal is charged (30$) USD, for a single accepted manuscriptThe Journal waiver policy statement:According to the World Bank Country classification by Income level, No fees are required for developing countries with low-income countries. For more information about the World Bank Country classification.– For Iraqi residency, manual payment and money transfer services are accepted.– For the international authors (Outside Iraq), the accepted payment methods are Western Union or PayPal.
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Peer Review Policy
The editorial board is obliged to give an unbiased consideration to each manuscript submitted for publication. The board will judge each manuscript professionally without any discrimination related to race, religion, nationality, sex, seniority, and/or institutional affiliation of the author(s). The editorial board will select reviewers who have adequate and relevant expertise in field of the manuscript research. The selection will also considers any conflict of interest that could occur with the author(s) of the manuscript. The editorial board responsible body to send the manuscript to thr referees (Double-blind). The author/s should be declared if any, national or international organizations explicitly cover such fees for articles originated in funded research projects. If it is not announced by the author/s and if the grant authorities have a conflicting, in this case the manuscript will be rejected in any process of publishing while if the paper published in this case the journal marked on the paper by “retracted”.

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