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Dr. Shu-Kun Lin, President
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St. Alban-Anlage 66
4052 Basel, Switzerland

Details of other office locations can be found at
Other Office Locations
2 offices in Beijing and also Wuhan, China (
Copyright and Licensing Link
Creative Commons 4.0 CC-BY Attribution,
Copyright and Licensing Policy
Unless otherwise stated, articles published on the MDPI websites are labeled as “Open Access” and licensed by the respective authors in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. In October 2014 MDPI switched to the Creative Commons Attribution license v4.0.Up to 2008, most articles published by MDPI contained the note “© year by MDPI ( Reproduction is permitted for non-commercial purposes”. During 2008 MDPI journals started to publish articles under the Creative Commons Attribution License v3.0. However, all articles published by MDPI before and during 2008 should be considered as released under the same Creative Commons Attribution License since 2008.
Complaint Contact Link
More information:, or any journal editorial office e-mail address, or the e-mail addresses of the senior management team members to be found at
Complaint Policy
Complaints are handled on a basis in conjunction with the academic editors and following the guidance from COPE.
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Publication Charge Policy
MDPI publishes Open Access journals, which are free to access and read on the internet. MDPI guarantees that no university library or individual reader will ever have to buy a subscription or buy access through pay-per-view fees to access the articles published in its journals. Hence, MDPI does not have any income from selling subscriptions to the print or online version of its journals or from pay-per-view fees. In order to cover the costs of providing and maintaining a publication infrastructure, managing the journals, and processing the manuscripts through peer-review, the journal uses a form of conditional submission fee referred to as Article Processing Charge (APC), applicable if a paper is accepted for publication after peer-review.
OASPA Compliant OA Journals
172 (at the end of 2016)
OA Articles (approx. number in 12 months)
23,568 (published articles in 2016)
OASPA Compliant OA Books
Peer Review Process Link
Peer Review Policy
General Peer-Review Procedure: All manuscripts sent for publication in our journals are strictly and thoroughly peer-reviewed (research and review articles, spontaneous submissions as well as invited papers). The editorial offices will organize peer-review and collect at least two review reports per manuscript, ask the authors for adequate revision (peer-review again whenever necessary), before requesting the decision of an external editor (usually the Editor-in-Chief of a journal or the Guest Editor of a special issue). See for information. We introduced optional open peer-review for selected journals in 2014.
MDPI, the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, is an academic open access publisher, established in 1996. MDPI is publishing over 170 peer-reviewed open access journals across ten different fields and offer publishing-related initiatives to scholars. 91% of papers published in 2016 are available in Web of Science.In addition, MDPI offers multidisciplinary services to disseminate research:• Sciforum ( is a platform for academic communication and collaboration where scholars can set up free scientific conferences or participate in discussion groups.• Preprints ( is a multidisciplinary not-for-profit platform for rapid communication of research results before peer-review.• Susy is a complete manuscript submission system that incorporates all steps from initial submission to publication, including peer-review. Susy also offers flexible administrative and production support to and editors,• Publisher & journal rankings:

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