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Copyright and Licensing Policy
We licence our open access content under CC-BY, CC-BY-NC and CC-BY-NC-ND licences. Different journals offer different combinations of these licences to authors for their choice. Please visit the ‘Instructions to Authors’ page of any journal to find out what CC licences it offers.
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Complaint Policy
Varies by journal.
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Publication Charge Policy
The charge for open access publication in our optional open access journals varies between £1000-£3000. The publication charges for our fully open access journals vary between £0-£1600. The applicable charge for individual journals can be found on the journal’s ‘Instructions to Authors’ page. We offer discounted rates for authors in developing countries.
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4850 in 2014
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Peer Review Policy
This varies by journal. Here is an example from Nucleic Acids Research:- “Upon receipt, manuscripts are assessed for their suitability for publication by the Senior Executive Editors and the editorial staff. Only the manuscripts meeting the journal’s general criteria for consideration are sent out for review, saving time both for the Authors and the Referees.

These manuscripts are assigned to Executive Editors who take overall responsibility for the peer-review process. Typically, a minimum of two reviews are required for each manuscript. Referees are chosen first and foremost for their expertise in the field. Referees can also be recommended by the Authors, the Editors and other Referees. Once they have agreed to review a manuscript, Referees have two weeks to submit their comments via our online manuscript tracking system. We aim to reach a decision on all manuscripts within 4 weeks of submission; hence a prompt delivery of the Referee’s reports is essential.”
Over 300 of our journals participate in our Oxford Open initiative whereby authors of accepted papers are given the option of paying an open access publication charge to make their paper open access. If authors do not choose this option their paper is published under the standard subscription based model.

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