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Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal

Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal
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Faculty of Law, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa
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Faculty of Law, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa
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Copyright and Licensing Link
Copyright and Licensing Policy
All articles published in PELJ/PER can be re-used under the following CC license: CC BY Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Complaint Contact Link
Complaint Policy
This procedure applies to complaints about the contributions, policies, procedures or actions of the PER/PELJ editorial staff. We welcome complaints as they provide an opportunity for improvement and we aim to respond quickly, courteously, and constructively. Please write your complaint with contribution title and URL to the Editor.

A complaint includes any of the following issues:

Contested authorship;
Copyright infringement;
Multiple, duplicate, concurrent publication or simultaneous submission;
Errors and fraud;
Research standards violations;
Undisclosed conflicts of interest;
Reviewer bias; or
Any other complaint dealing with content or process within the responsibility of the journal.

PER/PELJ will investigate the complaint. An investigation may include a request that the parties involved substantiate their claims. PER/PELJ will make a good faith determination whether to remove the allegedly offending contribution. A decision not to remove material should represent the Journal’s belief that the complaint is without sufficient foundation, or if well‐founded, that a legal defence or exemption may apply, such as fair use in the case of copyright infringement or truthfulness of a statement in the case of defamation.

See also plagiarism Policy and Errata/Rectractions Policy.
Publication Charge Link
Publication Charge Policy
PELJ/PER charges ZAR120.00 per page published, to cover editorial costs. No article submission charges apply, and an invoice is generated when the article is published.
OASPA Compliant OA Journals
OA Articles (approx. number in 12 months)
50 articles
OASPA Compliant OA Books
Peer Review Process Link
Peer Review Policy
The scholarly rigour and the contribution that a manuscript makes to the development of legal scholarship serve as primary criteria for acceptance for publication. Contributions submitted are reviewed in two steps.

Step 1 is an internal evaluation where the editorial team ensures that:

the contribution falls within the focus and scope of PER/PELJ;
the quality and clarity of the language is good;
the guidelines and referencing style have been complied with (see PER/PELJ Standard for Style and Citation); and
the contribution is on the face of it of an adequate level of scholarly quality.

Step 2 is an external evaluation where contributions accepted for review are subjected to anonymous blind reviews by at least two reviewers who will be selected according to availability and subject matter of the contribution.

If the reviewers are not in agreement whether a contribution is publishable or not, or differ considerably on the changes/additions to be made, the manuscript might be sent to a third reviewer. However, the final decision to publish or not is made by the editors. The author is subsequently informed about the reviewer’s recommendations and, if necessary, requested to make the changes and/or additions as suggested by the reviewers.

Both international and national reviewers are invited to participate in the peer review of manuscripts submitted for possible publication. The average period for feedback to authors is four (4) months but longer periods have been experienced in certain cases.

Contributions which do not comply with the guidelines and referencing style will be rejected outright.

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