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The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine

The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine
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University of Baghdad
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The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad,‎ Al-Ammreya, Baghdad, Iraq Post Office: Al-dawwdy 28601‎
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Copyright and Licensing Policy
The open-access Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0) is applied to all articles published in the Iraqi J. Vet. Med. Under this license, copyright is retained by the author(s). In addition, author(s) agree that anyone can read, download, copy, distribute, build upon, and print their article in whole or part for any purpose, including commercial purposes, for free given that the author(s) and original published source are cited properly. Following acceptance of an article, author(s) will be requested via email to complete the form of the Journal Publishing Agreement.
Complaint Contact Link
Complaint Policy
The complainant can communicate with Editor-in-Chief through for any complaint regarding rejection, long delays in handling the manuscript, or publication ethics. The complaint will be reviewed with the Editorial Manager to handle complaints, investigate the claims, and resolve them quickly. Editor-in-Chief will encourage to make recommendations for enhancing the system and discuss that with journal editors and staff as well. Editor-in-Chief will provide an explanation and information to the complainant, and make sure that all complaints were dealt with effectively and fairly.
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Publication Charge Policy
To provide the cost of open access publication, authors are charged an article processing charge (APC) if their manuscripts are accepted for publication after peer review. The APC for The Iraqi J. Vet. Med. is 125,000 IQD (or $100) for a standard 8 pages research. An additional charge of 10,000 IQD (or $10) is applied for each extra page that exceeded the standard. There are no charges for rejected articles, submission process, and color figures or illustrations in print or online. The Iraqi J. Vet. Med. has a waiver policy for authors from developing countries classified by the World Bank Country with low income as follows: There is no fee required for developing countries classified with low income by the World Bank Country.
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Peer Review Policy
All submitted manuscripts should be submitted and reviewed online through the journal’s website ‎submission ‎system. The Iraqi J. Vet. Med. applies a double-blind review process. Initially, a ‎submission will be ‎screened to determine if it is within the guidelines of guide to authors in terms of ‎formatting ‎preparation, ethical policies, and scope of the journal. If the submission is deemed ‎appropriate for ‎the journal, plagiarism detection, which must be less than 20%, will be performed ‎using the ‎software Turnitin. If the manuscript passes the initial screening, it will be assigned to a ‎section editor who ‎will assess the scientific eligibility and recommend reviewers within the scope of ‎the article to ‎the Editor-in-Chief. After that, two independent experts in the same field will be ‎assigned by the Editor-in-Chief for review, who may accept or reject involving in the review process ‎‎based on the submission title and abstract. Reviewers will be asked to submit their ‎‎recommendations within 2 weeks. The submission that needs revision will be sent back to the ‎‎corresponding author(s) along with the reviewer’s comments. Author(s) must resubmit the ‎revision ‎within 2 weeks, and the revised version will be sent back to the same reviewers. If a ‎manuscript is ‎accepted, an acceptance letter will be sent to the corresponding author(s), including ‎publication ‎fees. Rejection decision can be appealed by sending an email to Editor-in-Chief at ‎ ‎‎.

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